Dec 15

What do a couple of airline old timers talk about when they get together? I found out when Eric Hallin, the General Manager of the Rembrandt Hotel on Sukumvit, phoned and asked if I would like to come to lunch at the hotel. He had invited three other guests, Chatrachai Bunya-Ananta, the past president of Thai Airways and Henrik Lau and Lennart Holmgren, two of the early staff of Thai International. Henrik and Lennart, both retired from THAI, were from Scandinavia, vacationing with their wives. I couldn’t turn down the lunch. It had been years since I had seen these guys and at one time many yeas ago we were all on the same team, when I too began working for THAI.


Left, Lennart and Henrik, left, and Eric and Harold right for lunch at the Rembrandt

Eric has been a friend of THAI ever since the late 1970s when he was…

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Dec 06

I regret I was out of the country when Mr. Piyasvasti Amranand, our newly appointed President of Thai Airways, met and talked with local and foreign press at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand in what was scheduled as “A candid evening with Mr. Piyasvasti Amranand.”

Right, Mr. Piyasvasti Amranand (left), THAI President, presented a Boeing 747-400 aircraft model as a commemorative gift to Mr. Marwaan Macan-Markar (right), FCCT President (right), as a token of appreciation on having him as a guest speaker.


When I returned and read what Mr. Amranand had reported in his speech, I was suddenly taken back to the grand old days when THAI was riding the wave of glory, when every member of THAI’s staff, from president and vice president to secretary and receptionist, when they were all in full accord with the airline, when they were proud to be part of it all. I have to…

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Nov 27

What does the Guinness Book of World Records and Thai Airways have in common? Both deal with the subject of travel. But there’s more than travel alone. For two consecutive years, THAI had been a recipient of a Guinness award. 


 A few years ago on Saint Valentine’s Day, February 14th, THAI sponsored an underwater wedding that broke the world record for the most number of couples married at one time beneath the waves in scuba gear. The event was sponsored by THAI and was so successful that the management decided to launch another underwater wedding the next year. Again it gained world-wide publicity and beat the previous year’s Guinness record.

It was quite a show at the town of Trang in southern Thailand during Saint Valentine’s Day. Thirty-two couples from eighteen countries around the world were greeted to a gala ceremony in which they were driven by horse and carriage to…

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